My Brother

My Brother

Twenty eight year old Captain Narinder Kumar Sharma was killed during an exercise in Rajouri sector, in June 1982.Till date we don’t know how and why did it happen. The story put forth by his unit 17 Jat was that he slipped from a mountain and fell into a deep gorge.
Why was he going alone when an officer is almost always accompanied by a Jawan when he is out on some duty?
There are so many unanswered questions.
My mother mourned him for 29 years till she passed away in 2011.
What happened to Narinder?
Anyone who knows anything about it, please do contact me.
I will be really grateful to understand what really happened.

Reply to Unbrave girl’s blog being solo and attending a social

Hi Unbrave girl

You are quite brave actually.
I enjoyed reading your new blog post.
Go to another social and this time talk to at least one other person even if it kills you. ūüôā
Let me tell you what happened to me yesterday. (After all I did read your story so you have to listen to mine now. Fair?)
 I was to attend a bloggers meet in an unfamiliar part of the city. My daughter knew the place and was to attend the meet with me as she is a part of the same group. 
And…she stood me up at the last minute after dithering for some time.
So I was on my own after getting down at the nearest metro (subway) station.
 I did not know the way to the place where the meeting was being held.
¬†The auto drivers also did not seem to know the name of the place that i was using ‘Blue Frog’. Ugly name!
Walked for about 3 kms as originally asked my elder daughter. Still no ‘Blue Frog’. Felt completely lost, asked my other daughter on phone to locate the place on internet and give me road¬†directions.She took some time to do this and also could not find ‘Blue Frog’.
I banged the phone down, figuratively, as it was a mobile phone. Crossed the road to some shops and asked the shop keeper. Still no Blue Frog. Felt like an idiot in the middle of an unknown shopping area, late as hell for the meeting and no Blue Frog in sight. Cried. Silent tears. Wiped my eyes and face. Pulled myself together, bought a slice (bottled mango juice) and drank it in big gulps.
Ah ha…felt better. By then the address arrived on my phone via Whatsapp message sent by my younger daughter.
The shopkeeper knew this and directed me to it. One random motorcycle guy even offered to drop him there, till he was told that it was I who wanted to go there and not the shopkeeper.
I walked the rest of the way, another kilometer or so and hurrah reached the bloggers meeting place.
I was greeted by a big smile, registered myself and was given a T-shirt immediately. Hey I was feeling better already. Drank the rest of the slice and started listening to the presentation being made.
It was easy from there on.
I also immersed myself in the information material (old trick) when the lights came on.
Joined the others in the courtyard where people were mingling. There was a head to head push up contest being organized in one corner. In another corner people were trying to gulp down their first free bottle of beer so that they could get another one quickly.
I just walked around on my own. Took pictures, observed, got myself an orange juice. I don’t drink you see. Another disadvantage.
Gradually, I noticed a girl trying to edge closer to me as I stood near a stand up table looking into my phone intently.
Hey, I introduced myself to her with an extended hand. I am so proud of myself.
She was alone too. We then talked and sat together etc. etc. for the next hour of the meeting.
Group pictures were taken and everyone started moving out. So did we. She kept asking, are you sure it is over. Will there be more pictures taken? Will something else happen? I dunno dude.
I need to get back to the metro station and go home.
So I bid her goodbye, walked some more, caught a shared auto to the metro and from then on, all was well.
I am going to send this before I have time to think and better sense prevails.
Have fun.

A happening weekend: Day 1

‘Ring the Bell’ or ‘Bell Bajao’ meet organized by #Indiblogger and #Breakthrough on Women’s day at the British Council on Friday, March 8 was the first stop this weekend. I went out of curiosity and to spend some time with my daughter, who was also attending, and because I did not have anything else to do and my brain was getting scrambled doing nothing. As Rekha says in the ad, “Dimag ka korma ban gaya hai Korma”.
Well, I am so glad that I went. There are many reasons for that feeling
The venue is beautiful, centrally located for Metro users like me and took me away from the daily humdrum of life.
The laser show displaying the campaign sign and a quiet woman’s face in the background was quite strong. One could not ignore it. It repeated Bell Bajao, Ring the Bell.
From how I understand Bell Bajao means to distract some one who is abusing or hurting some one by ringing the door bell asking him some inane question.
This interruption in the beating session will rattle the man and give the victim the chance to escape or at least get  some respite.
There were lots of bells decorating the stage and two big ones which were to be actually rung by the celebrities and main guests for the event.
The key note speaker and chief guest, James Bevan (British High Commissioner) did ring the bell apart from speaking well, relevantly and humorously. Speech available at this link.

Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal’s ¬†reading of Vagina Monologues in Hindi was cutting edge sharp, effective and shockingly provocative as it used all the Hindi terms that we are used to hearing as choicest abuses all around us during the course of our lives. We are used to ignoring them to avoid embarrassment. Here, one could not ignore them. They were right there, out in the open, spoken in a neutral tone. Uff.
The panel discussion was like all other such. Lot of noise and almost no substance. The only relevant inputs were from the two ladies (whose names I did not catch) who spoke about how it really is after cutting all the Bu***** out from the political, NGO, do gooder nonsense. Even when the woman is elected to a post of power, she just signs. Her husband/brother/father is the one who wields the actual power.
Swarathma came on like a gust of fresh wind, all grassy, fun and full on energy. Fantastic music, audience participation and just plain old good fun.

The second panel discussion was like a forced something that had to happen because it was in the schedule. Rahul Bose looked bored to death and mouthed mumbo jumbo. Maybe he already knew about how much trouble he was in for his comment about reforming the rapists, earlier in the day.
Oh yeah, the video shown before the first panel discussion was awesome and it captured all the nonsensical things said by whoever, wherever including dented-painted, chow mein, short skirts etc. I am sure you get the idea. You have heard it a hundred times already and wondered if the people saying them were for real.
The part that everyone seemed to be waiting for, even if just to get the bragging rights, was Anoushka Shankar playing live. She looked so pretty and played so beautifully, ably accompanied by the flute, table and tanpura that it was all worth it.
One could forgive and forget having endured Rahul Bose immediately.

and last but not the least Anup….’s hurrr, hurrr to pump up the energy in the audience was really effective.
So, overall, it was a really enjoyable evening and I am really really glad that I went.
Thanks Indiblogger, Bell Bajao, Ring the Bell.